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Forsyth County Young Life is active in various high schools and middle schools in the area. For over 60+ years Young Life has been making a difference in kids' lives in this community. Here's an example of how Young Life is reaching kids: John regularly attends basketball practice at the high school where he is a Young Life leader. At first, John did not know the young men on the basketball team, but after weeks of watching practice he began to get to know who they were and exchanged a few short conversations with some of the players. One day, one of the players approached John. "You come to watch us practice a lot don't you?" the young man asked John. "Yes, I do," John said. "That's cool," the young man said. "No one does that."

See how Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of kids in this community and beyond:

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer Leader with Young Life?

Being a volunteer leader is the most important and taxing position in Young Life.  It is also the most rewarding and most fufilling.  It brings out our gifts and strenghtens us in ways that we though we were weak.  Without volunteer leaders there would be no Young Life ministry!  This is a great way of serving and loving Christ.  In the process of caring for High School students, we come to see our Lord in new and more intimate ways.
We would love to meet with you if you are interested in this amazing opportunity to reach out to kids in the name of Christ in our community.  CLICK HERE to send us an email to let us know you are interested.

Interested in Mentoring a Current YL Leader?

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If you are interested in mentoring a current Young Life leader, please click HERE for more information and an application.

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