2016 Golf Photos

Championship Flight
CH Flight 1st CH Flight 2nd CH Flight 3rd
The Championship Flight winners were Dickie Brewer, Tim Gardner, Alan Wright, and Bennett Wright.
 In 2nd Place for the Championship Flight were Bill Alred, Todd Smith, and J.T. Meyers.
 In 3rd Place for the Championship Flight were Matthew Hornaday, Marshall White, Adam Norris and Carter Mayes.

A Flight
A Flight, 1st Place A Flight, 2nd Place A Flight, 3rd Place
The A Flight winners were Scott Haynie, Dawn Nesbitt, John Nesbitt, and Mike Kneisel.
In 2nd place for the A Flight were Stewart Hobbs, Luke Jones, Jared Jones, and Tony George.
In 3rd place for the A Flight were Michael Sloan, Kevin Miller, Scott Wray, and Buddy Thomas.
B Flight
B Flight, 1st Place B Flight, 2nd Place B Flight, 3rd Place
The B Flight winners were Mike Hester, David Roberson, Kenny Taylor, and Glenn Winters.
In 2nd place for the B Flight were Steve McCann, Bob Roach, Chuck Shipton, and Gary Swann.
In 3rd place for the B Flight were Chip Baker, Dave Barcio, Steve Bennet, and Mike Rehfeldt.
C Flight 
1st Place C Flight 2nd Place C Flight Last Place C Flight
The C Flight winners were Bob Cole, LeAnn Nichols, Julie Pendleton, and Jeff Saunders.
In 2nd Place for the C Flight were Dan Calhoun, Jeff Gibbons, Mike Prillaman, and Ethan Smith.
In 3rd Place for the C Flight were Ann Barnam, Allison Chrisco, Laura Foster, and Julie Groves.
Candid Photos 
Alex demos the one handed Chick-Fil-A putt Chuck Hobbs, Tim Shelton Dawson receives kudos for 25 years on tournament planning team from Andrew Boyd Jess and Derrica Lynn and Dickie Brewer Murf and Jason Murf and Justin Annetta Todd, Joycelyn Dillon, Myrtie Davis Boomer and Lindsey Kennedy Gary Edge  Constance Lisa, Julie, Anne Lynne Kerr and Paige Dillon, Mulligan sales Wee Andrew the Scotsman arrives YL Golf - welcome to the scoring table

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